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Expert Connections Forum on Depression
An expert faculty of psychiatrists and doctors of pharmacology supports medical professionals for the treatment of depression.
Psychiatry On-Line
The International Forum for Psychiatry, Published by Priory Lodge Education Ltd.
Counseling Exam Licensure Prep Review
Test prep site for NCE, National Counselor Exam in Mental Health Counseling licensure NBCC certification.
SHPM Professional Zone
Resources and telehealth information.
Management Resources for Mental Health Professionals
Includes job search tools, management tools, and articles.
Children's Mental Health Alliance Project
University of Pennsylvania, professional study papers and links.
Foundation for Education in Emotional Literacy
Emotional intelligence and emotional literacy. Definition, newsletter, children's books available for purchase.
As therapists we can use movies as a therapeutic approach for reaching our patients.
Law, psychiatry, and public policy resources. Links to research institutions, American psychology and psychiatry associations, criminal justice resources, and legal resources.
Re-Evaluation Counseling and Co-Counseling
Teaches a process whereby people of all ages and backgrounds can exchange effective help to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences.
Bluegrass Children's Performance Measurement System
An outgrowth of the continuing effort to measure the effectiveness of private child care services and has met the initial criteria for inclusion in the future accreditation process and is included on JCAHO's list of acceptable systems.
Activity Access
Focuses on links and ideas in the areas of music, recreation and activity therapy, for the therapist or caregiver working with mentally ill adults and adolescents.
Psychotherapy Finances
Helping mental health professionals build their income and make self-pay mental health therapy practices grow.
The Psychology Insider
Consumer, student and healthcare professional information on psychology, medical research, medications and journals.
Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program
For answers to who is providing the best services at the best price, who needs services, what the best treatments are for different kinds of problems.
Mental Illness Education Project
Produce and distribute video-based educational programs and related materials. The Project's videotapes are designed to be used in hospital, clinical and educational settings. All proceeds from the sale of Mental Illness Education Project videos go toward the production of new educational materials.
John Suler's Teaching Clinical Psychology
Useful resources for clinical psychology students.
A knowledge-based, customer and growth driven company engaged in the development, marketing, and delivery of high-quality, standardized and integrated assessment and diagnostic products as well as practice and treatment management products and services. Our customers are mental health professionals.
BehaveNet® Clinical Capsules™
A lexicon of terms commonly used in the mental health professions, including terms related to diagnoses, drugs, treatments, legislation and mental health care institutions.
Support for therapists and other mental health professionals who are abuse/trauma survivors. Forums, chat, resources, and links.
Institute for Counseling Advancement and Personal Growth
Counseling supervision and community support for change and personal growth. Provides a nurturing environment for counselors seeking professional and personal growth and offers respite from job frustrations. Message board and supervision teleconferencing.
A web based, discharge-planning tool for professionals interested in placing people coming out of treatment centers, detox units, and other institutions.
Psychosis and Spirituality
Papers from a diverse range of people engaged in ongoing exploration of the connection between psychosis and spirituality. Proceedings and reflections on the second psychosis and spirituality conference held at King Alfred's College, Winchester.
Creative Therapy Associates, Inc.
Creative Therapy Associates is dedicated to producing materials and tools that address the mental health issues of children and adults in a unique way. Our products are used by teachers, psychologists, parents, and individuals.
World Counseling Network
Participants may promote their practices, list service offerings, sell products.
Carroll Consulting Services
Provides professional development and consultation to mental health practitioners. Helps professional therapists improve skills and deal with a variety of difficult mental health and practice management issues.
Community network and resources for psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors.
Mental Health Links for Professionals
Information on CME, psychopharmacology, reduced fee medication programs, and specific mental health conditions and issues.
The Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria
A fully independent research organization with a focus on neurosciences.
Cesare Behavioral Consulting
Consultation for purchasers, providers, managers and regulators of behavioral healthcare.
Object Relations Theory and Psychotherapy
Provides resources in object relations theory and psychotherapy therapy including an introduction to object relations theory, threaded discussion, training information and an Eight Stage Model of Object Relations Therapy by Thomas Klee Ph.D.
The Art and Science of Storytelling Therapy
Offers a training seminar on a medium of communication between therapist and client. The therapist incorporates verbal and non-verbal information provided by the client into the formulation and delivery of a story that affects therapeutic outcome.
Power Inside
Provides clients and their therapists with on-line treatment tools which complement face-to-face therapy and improve the quality of care provided.
The Psychiatric Zone
Information about various psychiatric topics including neuroscience, psychology and social sciences. Also therapy and mental health issues.
International Congress on Quality of Life (QOL)
International Conference of "Quality of Life in Clinical Practice", to be held in Chalkidiki, Thessaloniki, Greece, on April 5th-7th, 2002.
Moonlight Oxon
Awareness courses for learning all aspects of mental health, working with sufferers, understanding the real experiences rather that rigid statements from diagnosis guides.
Employee Assistance Page
EAP resource site for counselors and eap external vendors.
Mind/Body Medicine: Implications for Social Work
Mind/body health for the general public, with specific information for the practicing social worker.
Dual Diagnosis Resources
Books, videos, manuals, trainining, consulting, articles, motivational interviewing training and materials, and other resources for professionals in the fields of mental health, addictions, criminal justice, and homeless services.
Clinstat (Section: Psychological Trauma)
Seminars, educational presentations, workshops related to post traumatic stress (PTSD) and disorders of extreme stress (DES) are provided world wide.
Suicide and Parasuicide Web Site
Directory of congresses and other professional educational events on suicide and suicidology.
Radical Psychology Television
Produces films and CDROMs about issues in modern psychology. A lecture series featuring the purpose of dreaming and the implications of REM sleep disorders is available, and there is a how-to interactive series on brief therapy for depression, phobia and trauma now in production.
Mental Health Supervision
Some thoughts on the client-therapist relationship from the point of view of a therapist. Articles, links, and a discussion area.
EMDR Institute
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Clinical treatment that has successfully helped individuals who have survived trauma, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, and those suffering from depressions, addictions, and phobias. Offers training programs, workshops, and retreats.
Rapid Eye Institute
Alternative healing training school for Rapid Eye Technology, an eye movement/blinking process for rapid stress relief.
Resources, mailing lists, bylaws.
Cultural Competence
Links to information for mental health professionals about delivery of health care services to culturally diverse populations.
Center for Psychological Alternatives to Biopsychiatry
Provides resources and education for therapists looking for ways to treat their patients without the aid of drugs. Provides a referral listing for those who are looking for therapists that use these methods of treatment.
Induced ADC's
After-Death Communications are used in grief therapy to help people feel reconnected with deceased loved ones to heal their feelings of loss. Newsletter, journal, and workshops.
Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute
Annotated links for critical incident stress management (CISM) and critical incident stress debriefing (CISD), articles, resource teams, and training opportunities.
COPAS Center
Outcome evaluation systems. State of the art research and technology in assessment and intervention planning for mental health, human service, educational, and community-based organizations.
Advanced Psychological Resources
Books, tests, and articles relating to psychology and human relations. Other services include workshops and discussion groups.
Brings together leading clinical organizations, physicians, and clients. Articles, newsletter, events calendar, and career center.
Family System Test (FAST)
Thomas M. Gehring's clinical and research tool for the planning and evaluation of family interventions. Includes bibliography and ordering information.
Behavioral Health Management Services
Founded by Richard L. Tallman to provide collaborative cost effective behavioral health program development to health care systems.
Mental Nurse
A community based resource for mental health nurses and allied professionals. Post stories, read articles and current mental health news.
Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron
Facilitates workshops intended for mental health therapists, alcohol/drug counselors, psychologists, and related professional audiences. Workshop schedule and list of authored books for sale.
Person-Centred Counselling
Offers a training video demonstrating a counselling session using the person centred approach.
BreakOut VII: A National Conference on Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Deafness
Community Interventions: Preserving Our Roots. April 4-6, 2002. Raleigh, North Carolina.
NASP Career Center
The National Association of School Psychologists site allows employers to post jobs available and qualified applicants can store their resume and respond. Includes job related articles.
Cathy Cole Training
Motivational Interviewing training and supervision provided via distance or online learning. Offers newsletter introducing professionals to MI concepts and to refresh the learning for those already practicing.
National Violence Prevention Project (NVPP)
Equips professionals with practical knowledge and useful tools to address violence and related issues. Offers handbooks, articles, and workshops.

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