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Acutouch - Deneen Collocott
Practice information on reflexology, shiatsu, and acutouch therapies. Products, list of practitioners, and a forum.
Genesen Acutouch
Highly focused magnetism, far infrared rays, negative ions and Qui are the natural healing principles of Acutouch. Questions and answers, doctor's reports, and product information.
Jin Shin Acutouch – Energetic Bodywork Through Stillness
Explanation, theory, and history of acutouch therapy.
Linda's Therapy
Acutouch therapist Linda Cloete explains how treatment can help for a variety of ailments.
About Acutouch
Information including the history, the science, and FAQ's.
Acutouch - The Basics
Article that covers how the technique works, what it can be used for, and precautions.
Principles of Acutouch
Explains how pressure point therapies work.

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