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Web Pages
Definition - Dementia
From a dictionary of terms pertaining to memory processes.
Kingshill Research Centre
Dementia information: resources, definition, and symptoms.
Methodist Health - Dementia
Description of dementia types. Causes of dementia or dementia-like symptoms.
Alzheimer's Association
Latest information on dementia, drug trials, research, support and education.
Dementia Voice
Offers individualized courses for specific settings e.g. day care, residential. Primary operations in the UK.
Dementia Advocacy and Support Network International
Provides information about DASN, a non-profit organization. Includes news headlines and extensive resources for the diseases.
The Clive Project
Care and support for younger people (under 65 years of age) with dementia (early onset dementia) and Alzheimer's Disease, and their families.
Dementia: Diagnosis and Treatment
Diagnosis, management and support for individuals and families affected by dementia
Neurology Channel - Dementia
Introduction to dementia, ask a doctor forum.
Treatment of Agitation in the Elderly with Dementia
Provides information for the medical practitioner dealing with the elderly who have dementia: discusses assessment,treatment, dosing, safety and continued management.
Binswanger's Disease
Subcortical Arteriosclerotic Encephalopathy information sheet compiled by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
Multi-infarct or Vascular Dementia
Good overview of dementia from strokes or other vascular causes. Maintained by the National Institute of Health
Dementia - from BUPA
Concise fact sheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disorder, available for down loading in Adobe Acrobat.
Mayo Clinic: Behavior and Dementia
A description of the condition and its causes and methods of coping.
Memory Center - University of Chicago
Information on dementia from the highly esteemed Memory Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
Overview and fact sheet on dementia from the Merck Medical Manual.
The NYU Silberstein Aging & Dementia Research Center (ADRC)
Center dedicated to understanding brain aging and dementia through research, education and treatment.
Butler Hospital Memory Disorders Program
Designed to assist individuals with memory loss and dementia and their families by providing high quality, comprehensive evaluation and treatment, while also researching and developing new treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, and training medical residents, psychology interns, and fellows - from Brown Medical School.
Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (CNDR)
Information on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurodegenerative diseases for patients, families, physicians and researchers.
Adult Caregivers
Designed to assist those who have loved ones in different stages of Dementia and Alzheimer's. Help and support for them and their loved one.
Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute: Dementia Diagnostic Clinics
A list of Wisconsin-specific care and diagnostic centers.
Information about dementia, its diagnosis, causes and treatment options.
Signpost Journal
Specialist journal for health care professionals in the fields of dementia and geriatric mental health. Non-profit on-line articles from Wales, UK.

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