Web Pages
Sex and the Elderly
Contains an article examining the changes in the human sexual response cycle. It also links to a few reputable sites.
Sexuality and Impotence- Adults in older age
Article from The National Institute on Aging
Sex When You Are Aging
Physiological changes and effects.
Sexuality Center
For those exploring their midlife sexuality. Articles, quizzes, discussions, news. at ThirdAge Media, Inc.
Multidisciplinary Education in Geriatrics and Aging
A medical professionals guide for examining and talking to the elderly about sexuality.
Sexual Issues for Aging Adults
Article with links from Texas Tech University.
InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information: Sexuality
John Hopkins University's questions and answers on sexuality and aging.
Sexual Health Encyclopedia from Wylde
Information, videos and frequently asked questions about sex and aging.
InfoCenter Guide to Sex and Aging
A discussion of the issues surrounding sexuality in the later years of life. Tips, suggestions, and concerns particular to seniors are offered here.
Self-help Magazine
Older women talk about sex, results from a study of over 600 women, aged 50 and older.
National Association on HIV Over Fifty
Promotes the availability of a full range of educational, prevention, service and health care programs for persons over age fifty affected by HIV.
Senior HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
Florida based organization to provide HIV and AIDS prevention information to adults 50 years and older.
Helping Men and Women In Their Enjoyable Years - Dr. Natrajan
A tutorial on the advantages of hormone pellet therapy for both men and women as they approach andropause and menopause.

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