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Eating Well as We Age
The Food and Drug Administration. Problems, solutions, nutrition facts.
Nutrition and the Older Adult
Presented by The Calgary Regional Health Authority.
Copper Physiology
A detailed and referenced opinion on copper nutrition and physiology as they pertain to hemorrhoids, slipped discs, aneurisms, emphysema, infection, arthritis, and maybe gray hair.
Nutrition News Focus - Nutrition for the Elderly
Allows you to sign up for a free daily email newsletter that helps you make sense of the often confusing and contradictory nutrition news.
Arthritis as a Potassium Deficiency
Potassium nutrition and physiology around the concept that the low potassium always present in arthritis and usually in heart disease should be relieved. An exhaustive opinion on the subject.
ENC: Nutrition in the Elderly
Article examining physiological, metabolic and economic changes that may effect some elderly having a nutrient poor diet.
Meals on Wheels
Community food services in western & south western Sydney Australia.
Nutrition Index
Articles devoted to nutrition in the elderly including requirements, physiological changes common problems and assessment of status.
Nutrition for The Elderly
Informative links to various resources related to questions of nutrition for the elderly
Nutrition Screening Initiative
Nutrition checklist designed to alert individuals, family members, and physicians to conditions that may lead to malnutrition, particularly in the aged.
Food Safety for the Elderly
Age increases risk for food borne illness due to lowered stomach acid, weakened immune systems, reduced sense of smell. Foods safety precautions when handling, preparing, cooking, storing food for seniors.
Nutritional Guidelines for Seniors
New food guide pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging.
Meals On Wheels Association of America
Articles on the MOWAA with easy links to follow to give donations.
Senior Mag - Nutrition Glossary
Nutritional supplements defined along with recommended usages, requirements/recommendations, and natural sources.
Well Aged: Dining With Dignity
A resource guide and recipe collection for the 50 million Americans who care for an elderly friend or relative in their home.
Seek Wellness - Nutrition and Aging
Offers several articles about foods and supplements that may slow aging or improve memory. Includes articles on food programs, how to read labels, and physical activity advice.
Elderly Nutrition Program - Administration on Aging
Provides for congregate (group) and home-delivered meals.

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