Chronic Pain
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The Picpain Network
Primarily for women, this support facility includes online counseling, a chat room/forum, medical database, journal, and provides links to medical information.
Our Chronic Pain Mission
As well as offering pain management information and support, this site also provides resources, a chat facility, and the ability to post messages to an online doctor.
Ed's Chronic Pain Site
Contains information and links concerning a variety of pain management issues, including opiate narcotic usage, fibromyalgia and depression.
Coping - Derbyshire Chronic Pain Support Group
Provides information on services, and details strategies for effective self help methods of pain management. Also features a newsletter, chat/message board, links, and books/tapes.
Chronic Pain Support Group
An interactive site dealing with the human aspects of chronic pain. Features news, information, a chat/message board, newsletter and bookstore.
Pain Connection - Chronic Pain Outreach Center
Provides information, newsletters, resources, education and support for chronic pain sufferers and their families.
Pain Concern
Provides information about this campaigning organization. Offers support, a forum, news, books, articles and leaflets.
Chronic Pain Support Group 2002
Provides information about the group, details meetings and upcoming activities. Also features a newsletter and the humorous aspects of chronic pain.
Chronic Pain Advocacy League
Describes the services, aims and objectives of this Canadian organization. Offers pain facts and information about events and meetings.

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