Swimmer's Itch
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Web Pages
Swimmer's Itch: The Authorized Home Page - Hope College
Information about symptoms, control, life cycle, host-parasite relationships, and distribution of this skin ailment.
What's Bugging You? - Swimmers' Itch
Short article about the "hive-like" rash some people get following time spent in the water, including causes, preventive measures, and treatment of symptoms.
Swimmers Itch Fact Sheet
From Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Describes symptoms, causes, treatment, and preventive measures.
Swimmer's Itch (Schistosome Cercarial Dermatitis)
Information about the condition and the parasites that cause it, with images of Cercariae.
Swimmer's Itch
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology information page on cercarial dermatitis. Covers description, cause, geographic occurrence, treatment, names for this condition in different parts of the world, and other causes of itching among swimmers.

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