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Geographical Index of Transplant Support Groups
Listing of support groups throughout the world.
2nd Wind Lung Transplant assoc.
2nd Wind host's a chat room for pre and post lung transplant patients and their families.
Organ Transplant Ring
Provides support and information for pre/post organ transplant recipients, donors, families and healthcare professionals.
Living Donors Online
Online community for living donors, potential donors, their families, and medical professionals.
Northern California Organ Transplant Support Group
Details about the organization, created to offer support and information to patients and their families. Includes the history and services available.
American Transplant Association
Providing patient-oriented education, services and support for transplant patients and their families.
Akron-Canton TRIO, Transplant Recipients Int. Org.
We are a support group for those who have received a transplant, their families or support people, donor families, health care professionals, and those waiting for a transplant.
Heart transplant support group and information source.
Heart-Lung Transplant Support Group
Forum for heart-lung transplant recipients, candidates, and family members.
Change of Heart Transplant Support Group
A non-profit, non-denominational organization, yet spiritually led. The group is open to heart transplant recipients, their caregivers, family members, anyone awaiting a heart transplant, any organ donor family.
Mercedes Across Texas
Promoting organ donation and offering pre and post transplant support. Links to transplant information and Hepatitis C information.
Gift of Life Transplant Support
A link directory of organ transplant support groups for the state of South Carolina.

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