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Veterinary Information for Cats
Cat health and behavioral issues. Information resource for the cat owner.
Cornell Feline Health Center
Fact sheets on cat care and health issues. Fee-based online consultation and diagnosis service.
Cat Fancier's Association: Plants and Your Cat
List of house plants which are poisonous to cats.
Feline Health Articles
Articles on various feline-health issues written by veterinarians.
Cat Health-Related Links
Hundreds of links to every aspect of Feline healthcare, diseases, and conditions.
Fat Cat Inc.
Feline information to include health-related.
Cat's Pride
Makers of kitty litter. Information on litter boxes, and care.
Plants and Your Cat
Guide to which household plants are toxic to cats, including symptoms of poisoning.
Cat Health, Illness, & Well Being Topic Library
Links to various sites relating to cat health.
Hartz Company Cat Pages
FAQs and other information about cat care and Hartz products for cats.
Maintained by a feline specialist veterinarian and concentrates on issues relevant to pedigreed cat breeders and fanciers, with information, case histories, and photos.
FIV information and treatment options.
Glamour Kitty Cat Litter
Product information about the 4 types of litter sold.
Featuring cat health and welfare information and free pet memorial pages.
Multiple articles written by vets describing feline health, behavior, diseases, and grooming.
Meow Meow Monthly
Answers feline health questions.
Feline Friends and Familiars
A few health tips for feline familiars.
Revolution from Pfizer
Safe, once-a-month application protects cats from ear mites, scabies, hookworm, roundworm, ticks, and other harmful parasites.
Feline Zoonoses and You
A description of diseases cats can transmit to their owners.
Feline Health Links
Links to sites that focus on specific health issues for cats such as CRF, constipation, nutrition, feline cancer, latest research, holistic, diabetes and diet.
So You Want To Know About Kitties
General information about care and rescue.
Provides information to improve the health and well-being of cats.
Older Cat Health Information
Advice on older cat health care including geriatric issues such as arthritis and senility.
The Concerned Cat
Veterinarian Jon Vilhauer examines feline health care issues.
Feline Advisory Bureau
Charity devoted to the health and welfare of cats and the encouragement of feline veterinary specialization. Health and care articles, PKD disease and screening information.
Cat Help Online
Feline health care information, glossaries, library, emergency considerations, veterinary information, articles and references.
Bengal Cat Health Corner
Offers articles on a variety of health related topics.
Cat Info: Alphabetical Index
Information resource for cat health care and behavioral issues.
Cat Health and Cat
Tips on choosing supplies, information on food, nutrition, and grooming, and for additional information.
Feline First Aid
Tips to follow to distinguish minor afflictions from true emergencies and how to address the situations.
The Cat Site Health
Articles on various diseases, conditions, and nutrition.

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