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Web Pages
The Nutrition Center
A source of accurate current nutritional information for both the general and professional reader.
Dr. Bass
Practitioner with many years experience as a natural hygiene doctor. Information on a diverse folio of food issues.
Fad/Popular Diets
Reviews of the most recent dietary option crazes: from Atkins to Sugarbusters.
Natural Nutrition and Dietary Therapy
Advice and consulting for consumers about issues includiing diets, nutrition, health, and eating habits.
Innerself Magazine
You are what you eat, but you should eat what you are. This means each of us should eat the optimal diet compatible with our blood type.
Luscious Low Fat Cafe
This site provides low fat eating tips and the chance to receive free low fat newsletters.
Raw Food Diet
Normalize weight and feel energized with a raw food diet.
Low Sugar Cooking at Home
A resource center for those who require low sugar content in their diet.
ER4YT Recipe Project
Recipes rated according to blood types. Includes substitutions, medicine cabinet, cosmetics, GMO information, herbal ratings and ingredient and title ratings.
5 A Day Web Site
Plan designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to five or more servings a day to improve health of Americans.
Kushi Institute
Macrobiotic education including recovery programs and eating tips for health and healing. Information about the institute also provided.
No Sugar Zone Bakery
Provides consumers products that stop the rapid flow of blood sugar. Foods include recipes and items that do not contain wheat and gluten ingredients. Recipe list and catalog provided.
Conceptual training on eating to fuel your life from Robyn Landis.

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