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Pool Exercise Program
Exercises to help increase and maintain joint flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, increase endurance and maintain healthy joint function.
Stretching and Flexibility - Types of Stretching
Comprehensive guide to dynamic and static stretching categories.
Stretching for individuals with Back pain. Information and other helpful links.
Workouts For Women.com
Offering on-line flexibility training through written, audio and video instruction.
Movin with Marty' - Stretching: Do It, But Do It Right
One-page article on how to stretch properly.
Stretching Exercises
Instructions from a certified aerobics instructor.
Alexander Technique - Taking the Pressure off your Body
A short introduction to this method of enhancing flexibility, balance and coordination.
Innerself Magazine: Stretchin'
Article about the benefits of stretching by Carla Inniss, a Hatha yoga and meditation instructor.
Thomas King's Column on Training, Stretching and Flexibility
Several interesting articles on stretching and flexibility.
Feldenkrais at Home
Integrative relaxing movements for sensory-motor learning, optimal posture, health and pleasure, back care, sports performance.
Video and information on an orthopedic and sports physician recommended flexibility training program.
Achieving Flexibility of Mind and Body with the Alexander Technique
A personal account by a student of this method.
Stretching for Tai Chi Chuan and Wu Shu
Good stretching advice for practitoners of the martial arts.
Deep Slow Easy Stretching and Fitness
Step-by-step deep slow easy breathing online.
Stretch to Win
Flexibility training system designed to enhance athletic performance.
Good Moves
Exercise program for arthritis sufferers emphasizing flexibility from the University of Missouri.
Muscular Flexibility
Description, tests and measurements.
Flexibility and Waves
A series of photos and comments illustrating flexibility patterns for Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Stretching and Flexibility: How to Work with your Stretch Reflex
Lots of good information and links.
What is Flexibility and Why Should I Care?
Concise essay on this topic by a personal trainer and professional athlete.
Stretching & Flexibility - Interactive Fitness Software Program
Interactive Stretching Program available on CD-ROM. Stretching for Fitness, Rehabilitation and to help prevent Sports Injury.
e-Stretch - 1 minute desktop Yoga
Stretching program you can use at your desk.
Dynamic Movement Products
Sretch band equipment for dance, therapy and exercise.
Centering Concepts
Audio visual aids for the practice of stretching, neditation, relaxation and stress management.
Flexibility and the Alexander Technique
How the Alexander Technique can help improve your flexibility
Stretching, flexibility and back pain
Information on stretching exercises for flexibility and back pain by Spine-Health.com.
Women Fitness
On-line flexibility program for women.
Exercise designed to help people with knee, hip and back injuries.
BioSomatics Deep Stretch
A body awareness exercise program emphasizing tension release, flexibilityand postural alignment.
Changing Shape
Free on-line stretching program.
Flexibility and stretching 2 tape video set that focuses on functional flexibility.
Synergy Fitness News
Stretching exercises for the non-flexible.
Body Mapping
Practical self-exploration using the principle of the Alexander Technique to enhance the way you move.
Stretching Exercise Video
Physical Therapist's exercise program designed to prevent of muscle and joint pain related to adaptive muscle shortening.
Yoga and Flexibility
How the practice of yoga can help you become more flexible.
Stretching and Flexibility
A very comprehensive collection of resources by Brad Appleton.

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