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The American Surrogacy Center Inc.
Legal and medical resources, online and email support groups and chat areas and directories of clinics and service providers.
OPTS: The Organization of Parents through Surrogacy
National surrogacy support organization for couples seeking to become parents through surrogacy, parents of surrogate-born children and surrogate mothers.
Logan Institute for Assisted Reproduction
Help for women who need egg donors,who are over 40 and wish to get pregnant or those who are under 35 and need help with IVF costs.
A comprehensive site for all your surrogacy information needs. Informative and educational.
Surrogate Mothers Online
Helpful resource for surrogates and prospective parents via surrogacy.  Articles, bulletin boards, free classified section, chat room, listserv, questions and answers, birth announcements, and postcards.
Resources including information about surrogacy arrangements, how to make an arrangement, the process, costs, medical insurance, fertility centers, and lawyers.
Information about children concieved by sperm donation looking for their biological fathers.
This site provides both articles about surrogacy and a regularly reviewed list of links to related sites.
Surrogates and Egg Donors Online
Information on egg donation and surrogacy, geared primarily toward potential egg donors and surrogates. Free message boards are available for sperm donors, surrogates, intended parents and egg donors.
Surrogacy and Infertility.
Surrogacy and infertility in todays modern world.
Egg Donation Information
Frequently asked questions on egg donation, procedures and costs.
Egg Donation
A site for British women considering egg donation or who just want to find out more about it.
Family First Fertility
Resource for infertility, egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, embryo and traditional adoption. Support through message boards,email groups, and chat rooms.
SoYouWanna Donate an Egg?
A full-length article that will take you through the steps to donating an egg; including the requirements, legal documents and the procedure for egg extraction. - Surrogacy
Detailed information about surrogacy, both IVF and natural, and legislation in the United Kingdom.
Fertile Thoughts: Surrogacy Resources
Information and support for those seeking to become parents through surrogacy. Message board, chat area, clinic listings.

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