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Childhood Somatoform Disorders
The somatoform disorders are distinguished by physical symptoms suggesting a medical condition, yet the symptoms are not fully explained by the medical condition, by substance use, or by another mental disorder.
National Association of Mental Illness for Youth
Information for a wide variety of youth mental illnesses.
Dr. Ruth Peters
For over twenty years, Dr. Ruth A. Peters has specialized in treating children, adolescents and families in her private practice in Clearwater, Florida. Her focus has been upon teaching parents how to control their difficult children, as well as how to motivate kids to reach their academic potential.
Mental Health Matters
Links and information on child and adolescent disorders.
Research & Training Center on Children's Mental Health
Information on supporting families and improving services to children and youth who have mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.
Childhood Disorders
Provided by Eastern Main Healthcare, this article discusses various childhood disorders such as ADD, anxiety and conduct disorders as some of the more prevalent disorders among children. Access more details through the virtual library.
Does Your Child Need Help?
An information pamphlet developed by Parents Involved Network to help families tell the difference between everyday problems and those that may signal more serious distress.
Yoga for the Special Child
A comprehensive program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs.
Parents Involved Network of Pennsylvania
PIN assists parents of children with have emotional or behavioral disorders, receiving mental health services, receiving special education services or are in the juvenile justice system. Find fact sheets and therapeutic resources.
Behavioral Disorders - Focus on Change
Kidsource Online provides information regarding how parents and caregivers can identify and cope with a variety of behavioral disorders in children.
Psychological Disorders in Children
Defining how disorders are diagnosed by psychologists in childhood and adolescence. Links to information on oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, ADHD, and separation anxiety disorder.
The Child Anxiety Network
A resource for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children who have anxiety disorders. Maintains a list of suggested readings and a treatment provider database.
Psychiatric Medication and Children offers information about psychiatric medication and children, a message board for parents, news, and a chart to help kids focus on behavioral goals.
Mental Disorders Diagnosed in Childhood
Mental Disorders Diagnosed in Childhood - clinical criteria, therapy, review of research.
Mental Health for Teens
Support for teenagers with mental disorders. Topics include depression, OCD, bipolar and anxiety disorders.
Oppositional Defiance Support Forum
Support forum dedicated to ODD, ADHD, IED, RAD, Bi-polar, medications, and natural treatments.
Psychological Disorders of Childhood
Article from discusses the symptoms of childhood emotional and behavioral disorders and treatment options.
Lady Spider's Web
Links, descriptions and information on childhood and adolesent mental health and co-morbid disorders.
The Angry Child: Regaining Control When Your Child Is Out of Control
Articles and resources regarding anger in children.
Your guide provides this informative articles on the differences and simalarities that confuse the facts about ADD and ODD.
Child and Adolescent Development
Mental Health Net provides this index to child and adolescent development and psychology online resources.
The Twelve-Month Pregnancy
An article on pre-conception parenting.
Born Aliens
Psychological abnormalcy as an outcome of prenatal and post-natal traumas.
The Time Out for Families Gazette
A newsletter for professionals, as well as families, who have a child with special mental health needs in their lives or working sphere.
Young Options
Treatment and care services to children and young people with a range of problems.
Childhood Mental Health
Information regarding childhood and adolescent mental health disorders.
The Unheard Cries of Mentally Ill Children Big Links Page
Links and resources organized by clusters of mental health disorders, state mental health institutions, stories of families with mentally ill children and parent communities.
About Our Kids
Child mental health and parenting information and articles based on the latest research in child psychiatry, psychology, and development.
Understanding Childhood Disorders
Pamphlet identifying common childhood disorders such as mood, anziety, ADD/ADHD, and autisim.

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