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International Perfume Bottle Association
Organization for collectors and dealers of perfume bottles.
The Fragrance Foundation
Educational arm of the international fragrance industry (non-profit). Information and tips about fragrance.
Perfume Lovers Webring
Information regarding the webring.
Human Pheromones
Testimonial regarding the use of human pheromones in attracting others, with a link to purchase the product.
Encyclopedia of World Perfumes
Includes information (descriptions, pictures, shopping malls finder) of more than 5000 worldwide perfumes.
Stefan's Florilegium: Perfumes
Medieval perfumes and pomanders and recipes. See also the files cosmetics-msg, handcream-msg, aphrodisiacs-msg, spices-msg, herbs-msg, lavender-msg, rose-water-msg.
Perfume 2000
Industry contacts, complete perfume industry product listing, related news and special perfume features. Some services available only for a fee.
Fragranced Products Information Network
Information and links regarding chemicals used in fragranced products and possible health effects.
International Trade Mark Classification
International Trade Mark Classification for perfume and perfume substances, provided by PIPERS Virtual Intellectual Property Library.
Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association
Trade association with related information regarding cosmetic ingredient safety.
Jainism Simplified
Jainist perspective on karma, including that of perfumes and scents.
Acquire Perfume Sense
Tips about perfume, scents, difference between eau de cologne, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, aftershave lotion. How to apply and test for allergies.
Thematic site dedicated to perfume. Current events on perfumes, the history of fragrances, interviews of fragrance creators, the secrets of a perfume, games, contests and an exclusive club.
4 Perfume Info
Guide to perfumes for men and women. Includes FAQs, product guide and designers.
The Human Pheromone Discovery
Brief articles from The Athena Institute concerning human pheromones.
Free Perfume Samples
Offers a free newsletter, Todays Beauty Tip. Also a perfume fact sheet.
Fragrance as a Protective Shield
Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, all used fragrance to attract beneficial energy, and to keep away inauspicious energies. What are today's healing and aromatic cleansing plants?
Lebermuth Company
FAQ regarding fragrances and essential oils (commercial).
Ask Mr. Perfume
Offers a store and discount locator for hundreds of brands of perfume. Also offers reviews and contact information for each designer.
Pioneer Thinking: Making Fragrances
Create perfumes and body splashes to suit personality and taste. Offers 15 recipes that can be made at home.
Human Pheromones
What pheromones are and how they work. Articles, mailing list, and products.
Fragrance Finder
Fragrance personality quiz.
Natural Substances Power Perfume
Article by Lucy Snyder concerning the power of perfume.
Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild
Guild to establish formal standards of excellence in natural perfumery. Includes discussion forum.

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