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KidSource OnLine
In-depth and timely education and healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents and their children.
Parents for Barefoot Children
Parents promoting healthy barefoot activity for children. Opposing an overly shoe-obsessed society.
Young and Healthy Online
Guide for children's good health, incorporating advice from pediatricians in the community who are specifically trained in the prevention and treatment of illness in children.
The Virtual Children's Hospital
Internet information on several pediatric health topics, from Children's Hospital of Iowa.
Find information on common medical topics concerning infants, children and adolescents presented to parents in an easy to understand manner.
A comprehensive children's health resource featuring information about, newborns, infants, children, kids, pre teens, teens and adolescents generated by pediatric and adolescent health experts from childrens hospital Los Angeles
Pediatrics and Children's Health
From the University of Iowa, Internet sources in pediatrics, perinatology, breastfeeding, parenting, neonatal health, and children's health.
News and information for parents on health and other topics of concern to today's parents.
Medical College of Wisconsin - Children's Health
Features guide to symptoms and ailments of children. Search and health related resources available.
Up-to-date information on growth, food and fitness, childhood infections, immunizations, and medical conditions from the Nemours foundation.
electronic Child Health Network (eCHN)
A non-profit organization dedicated to using computers to share child health care information among parents, children and health care providers.
4 R Kids Sake
Non-profit organization whose mission is to protect our children from preventable injuries and death through awareness, education, legislation and prevention.
Pediatric Educational Web Site
Site with information on a variety of medical topics such as psychosocial development, intubation, pediatric anatomy,pediatric EKGs, and immunizations.
Division of General Pediatrics at North Shore University Hospital
North Shore Hospital's General Pediatrics Practice, serving both private and clinical patients. Our web site offers advice on childhood diseases and general parenting tips.
Information on pregnancy & infertility
Site includes information from India on pregnancy, infertility, labor, diet, fitness & abortion.
Nirvana Safe Haven
Non toxic solutions and tips for families, children and their caregivers. Health is being damaged by chemicals in the home and school.
Keep Kids Healthy
Pediatricians guide to childrens health and safety, with medical and parenting advice for parents on taking care of their kids.
Parenting and Child Health
Search the database for articles on parenting and child health information.
The Child Health Info Center
Medical and other resources for pediatricians, parents and others interested in children's health and welfare issues.
Rick's Page
A personal page about a little boy with a number of medical issues: Tuberous Scleroses Complex, Epilepsy, Autism Dyspraxia. Read his story, about these medical issues and about the ketogenic diet.
Reducing the Risk of Cot Death
Current recommendations for reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Backpack Safety America
Designed as a simple yet direct, 8-step prevention program to train an entire generation in the safe, proper and biomechanically correct way to use backpacks.
Beansprout Networks
Connects pediatricians, pediatric practices, and child care providers with parents. Also provides information about child and infant health and child care.
This information is designed to give guidelines to common pediatric illnesses and what to do to treat them.
Global ChildNet
Offers a range of easily accessible, child health related, on-line services. These services include databases and other information on issues related to the well-being of the world's children.
Lead Poisoning in Children
Your child has elevated lead levels in their blood. How serious is this and what do you do now?
Children's Intensive Caring
Pediatric health information from pediatricians to moms, dads, families and other health professionals, including the latest articles and answers to everyday questions.
Neat Solutions For Healthy Children
Resources for Nutrition and Health Education. Children will have fun learning how to make healthy choices.
About Children's Health
Parents, kids, and teachers can access daily tips for health and wellness. Topics include diseases, nutrition, growth, fitness, anatomy, and safety.
Jonah's First Grade Project
Information regarding bicycle helmets. Llinks to helmet recalls, proper usage, and safety.
Children's Health and Safety
Directory of links to articles and internet resources regarding the health and safety of children.
Biters: Why They Do It and What To Do About It
Children who bite can be distressing to all who are involved. Learn ways to help deal with the biting issue.
Healthy Child Online
Children's health information and parenting resources in a searchable library of articles and links covering vaccinations, ear infections, childhood illnesses, ADHD, and various other child health conditions, diseases and concerns.
National Maternal and Child Health Clearinghouse
Clearinghouse for many topics related to child health.
American Association of Pedriatrics
National public education campaign of the American Academy of Pediatrics. To help pediatricians, parents, and children become more aware of the influence that media have on child and adolescent health.
FDA Kid's
Food and Drug Administration provides medicine cabinet information, vaccination facts, and other health concerns about children.
India Parenting: Guide to Children's Health
Part of a parenting portal, with information on childhood illnesses, diseases, medical conditions like measles. Also first aid for fever, colds, cuts, burns.
Patient Education Program, Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati
The Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati Patient Education Program, created by nurses and physicians, features information about child health/conditions/treatments.
Nutrition Network News
This site advocates healthy eating and physical activy for school-aged children.
Poison Prevention Prevention Tips
The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center offers safety tips to prevent poisoning in children and pets.
Medical Care for Your Offspring: No Child’s Play
Chapter from the free online book, How to Get the Best Medical Care - A Guide for the Intelligent Patient.
Parent Report
Children's health information for parents with kids of all ages based on popular radio show The Parent Report. Includes articles, book excerpts and radio shows.
Garden and Hearth Magazine-Simply Kids
Monthly magazine featuring articles on children's health issues and safety concerns.
Focus on Kids Health
A complete listing of all health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.
Cookin' with Cutty
Filmed in Hawaii, features tennis pro Cutty Cutler and friends having way too much fun while demonstrating healthy lifestyles for kids of all ages. - Children's Healthcare Resource Network
Assists parents with a variety of health information and resources for their children. Height/weight growth charts and articles on minor illnesses, first aid, and nutrition. (CHM)
Information on the latest medical breakthroughs in child and adolescent health worldwide. Takes the latest research from medical journals and makes it accessible by translating research findings into everyday language.
Children's Health
Information to help identify what is wrong with your child and how to deal with it, includes a guide to common childhood ailments.
InteliHealth: Children's Health
Find articles, news, and information on vaccinations, medical conditions, surgeries, nutrition and other pediatric health topics.
Kiss It Make It Better
Information on infant health including vaccinations and primary care.
Children's Health - Healthology
Provides online streamed webcasts of programs on various aspects of child health.
Pediatric Planet
Medical encyclopedia, discussion forum and specific section for teens.
Preventing Tobacco Use and Addiction Among Young People
Offers advice to parents on helping teens understand and resist pro-tobacco forces.
Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A Hazard to Children
Policy statement and report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, April 1997. Goes well beyond the EPA report. Updated bibliography covers the research.
Virtual Children's Hospital
A library of authoritative pediatric info for primary care providers and patients. Includes database of resources on illnesses and links.

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